All-on-4® Treatment Concept

What is the All-on-4® treatment concept?
The All-on-4® treatment concept is a cost-efficient technique that replaces your failing teeth or existing denture with a fixed set of teeth using dental implants in one day.

How does All-on-4® work?
The All-on-4® technique has an extremely high success rate using four to five dental implants placed into the jaw. The fixed set of teeth, which will look like your natural teeth, are then added to the implants replacing your teeth.
If you have some bone loss, the All-on-4® technique can still be used as a good solution. When the back implants are tilted at 45 degrees, many times it reduces the need for a bone graft and can provide you with a set of teeth virtually indistinguishable from your set of natural teeth. The All-on-4® technique uniquely takes advantage of bone that remains in the jaw following previous extraction procedures. This bone is often more dense and therefore offers more stability. This positioning is angled so it avoids the nerve canal in the lower jaw and sinus cavities in the upper jaw.

All-on-4® Treatment Concept
Before you have surgery, you will need to have one or two appointments, so the oral surgeon and restorative dentist can develop a treatment plan for you. This may involve taking X-rays, photos, impressions and other measurements. The planning, ordering and fabrication of your new set of teeth will take several weeks to customize.
Following this customization process, you will be scheduled for surgery implantation. Here, your new teeth will be fitted and adjusted within a 24-hour period, even if extractions are necessary. As with many other dental procedures you will have the option of either being awake for the surgery or may choose to use undergo some level of sedation.
You will need to return for some post-operative appointments to ensure the replacement teeth fit properly. In most circumstances, at the four to six month mark, your gums are fully healed and your implants are now to fused the natural bone.

How is the All-on-4® technique different from receiving traditional dental implant treatment?
The All-on-4® dental implant technique does not require bone grafting in most cases and typically requires four to five implants that can support the entire arch of dental restorations. Traditional dental implant treatment may require up to eight implants to support an entire arch of dental restorations comparatively. The All-on-4® dental implant technique allows for the use of only four to five implants in total because the two back implants are tilted at an angle that allows for longer implants to be used thus providing more stability.
Surgery is much more convenient for patients and the esthetic result is achieved in a more timely fashion using the All-on-4® technique. Most patients are able to have the replacement teeth added the same day as their implants. This means the patient is able to continue light chewing function on a soft-food diet immediately after surgery.
With traditional dental implant treatment usually requiring more than four single implants to support a full arch, the cost of treatment is typically higher as more dental implants need to be placed. The jaw bone would also need to have substantial strength in order to support the implants, meaning that many patients would require at least one bone graft procedure before the implant procedure could even begin. This, again, would increase the cost of the procedure as well as extend the amount of time required to achieve the final result.

Is All-on-4® treatment right for me?
All-on-4® treatment is typically recommended for patients who need to replace the majority of their natural teeth. The fixed set of teeth that is achieved with this treatment will only be removable by a dentist. This level of fixed stability provides the closest function to that of natural teeth when restoring an entire arch. When the All-on-4® technique is used the prosthesis can be much less bulky than a conventional denture and usually does not require any material covering palate. The finished result is therefore very discreet.
If you think All-on-4® treatment will benefit you, contact our office to schedule an evaluation of your current dental health. He or she will be able to give you advice about the treatment options that will best fulfill your needs.