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Patients want to know that should they experience trauma or injury to their face, it will be treated in a way that helps protect and preserve their appearance, as well as the integrity of their mouth, jaw, teeth, and other facial structures. As an oral surgeon in Greenville, Dr. Cherry knows how to treat facial trauma with a delicate touch to address the physical and emotional impacts that one might experience.

Different Types of Facial Injuries

There are many different types of accidents that can result in facial injuries, from falls or vehicle crashes to sports- or work-related incidents. Common injuries include broken or knocked-out teeth, fractured bones, and lacerations to the face or inside the mouth.

  • Broken Bones: Bones in the face can fracture just like in other parts of the body, but they cannot be stabilized using a traditional cast. Instead, fractures may be treated using plates and screws to hold bones in place and strengthen the injured area while allowing for more normal function. In some cases, the jaw may be temporarily wired shut to reduce movement and strain on the fractured bones. Treatment is designed to preserve the facial structure as much as possible and minimize scarring while allowing bones to heal and strengthen.
  • Dental Injuries: Accidents can also lead to avulsed or knocked-out teeth, leaving gaps in a patient’s smile. In certain situations, a knocked-out tooth can be reinserted into the empty socket and splinted in place to enable the root to re-anchor and the gums to heal around it. Displaced teeth should be immediately placed in milk or salt water until the oral surgeon can determine if the tooth may be replanted. If the tooth cannot be saved, patients may consider dental implants as a tooth replacement option to restore their smile.
  • Soft Tissue Injuries: Patients may not realize that oral surgeons do not just treat problems within the mouth, but they can also suture lacerations of the face. Dr. Cherry has extensive knowledge of the nerves, muscles, veins, and salivary glands throughout the face, which allows him to provide the precise treatment necessary to care for soft tissue injuries and maintain proper function. Since the face is a very prominent part of the body and injuries can have an emotional impact as well as a physical one, care is taken to minimize scarring as much as possible and preserve aesthetics.

Addressing Facial Trauma

Facial injuries are treated with a sense of urgency but also with compassion and empathy. Dr. Cherry recognizes that facial trauma can be a sensitive issue, and patients are concerned about how they will look afterward. He conducts a thorough examination with imaging to determine the extent of any injuries, whether visible or not.

Fractures may not always be apparent, but it is important that they are stabilized so that they heal properly to reduce the risk of complications. Lacerations are evaluated to check for potential damage to muscles, nerves, salivary glands, salivary ducts, and other facial structures. Damage to the teeth is examined so that teeth can be properly repaired, replanted, or extracted depending on the severity of the injury.

Dr. Cherry works closely with patients to develop a treatment plan that addresses their individual needs and goals and helps them feel more confident and comfortable with the recovery process. 

You’re in Good Hands with Cherry Orchard Oral & Implant Surgery

Dr. Cherry knows that facial injuries can be unexpected and leave patients with many questions and concerns. He treats each patient like family and develops personalized treatment plans to address their needs and support them in reaching more desirable outcomes. Contact Cherry Orchard Oral & Implant Surgery at (864) 603-2464 to learn more about facial trauma treatment options.